About Us

We are a team of Idahoans that know our state, close up and personal that has over 40 years  of public safety service to the State of Idaho. Our experience with  working in the law enforcement sector has allowed for a vast number of  skills and knowledge that will be beneficial to any business utilizing  our services.


About The Owner

Ed Gygli is the owner of Idaho Mountain Blue Drones (IMBD). An Idaho native, he has dedicated his life to public safety service to the state of Idaho. After retiring from the Idaho State Police after 32 years as an Idaho Peace Officer, Ed began a new career flying small Unmanned Aerial Systems. As an avid outdoorsman, Ed loves mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, and any activity that gets him into the Idaho back country. His experience in public safety, the Idaho outdoors, and sUAS flight led him to the creation of IMBD. IMBD plays an important role for the Idaho public safety agencies that began the unfamiliar task of developing the Idaho law enforcement/public safety sUAS program and ensures compliance with the FAA Part 107 rules and regulations. Ed is the only Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training certified sUAS Instructor in Idaho.